Manage every crisis simply and professionally.

Discover the comprehensive range of services offered by FACT24 – the integrated solution for proactive crisis management and emergency alerting in critical business situations.

How prepared is your organisation to handle a crisis or an incident?

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Crises cannot be prevented,
but we can help you overcome them.

No matter which crisis situation challenges you: With the right digital crisis management software, you can better manage critical situations. We have developed FACT24 to make it easier for companies of all kinds to safeguard lives and assets.

Digital crisis management and emergency response with FACT24 Software-as-a-Solution is:


Good crisis management begins before the crisis. With preventive measures, training and preparation as well as consistent monitoring of all incidents. FACT24 helps you to intervene as early as possible. In the best case scenario, before an incident turns into a crisis.



We provide a dedicated and personal service on request 24/7, across 13 locations worldwide. We guarantee the availability of FACT24 – due to our resilient infrastructure, ISO certification with high regard to data protection and information security.

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Critical situations can be complex to manage, therefore you need a solution that is simple to operate. FACT24 enables you to plot the entire BCM process chain in a single tool. So you can concentrate on what matters most during a critical event.

Integrated solution for proactive crisis management and emergency notification with FACT24

More than 3,000 customers from all industries
trust the services of F24 in critical situations.

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360° Crisis Management:
Learn how to master critical events comprehensively.

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and Plan

Prepare today so that you can act tomorrow.

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Keep an eye on risks of all kinds at all times.

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and Mobilise

Reach all the groups of people you need to, within seconds.

Manage Incidents and Crises

Easily organise and collaborate tasks digitally.

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Persons of Concern

Act professionally in communicating with affected groups of people.

FACT24 an integrated software solution
enabling you to manage any critical event

Depending on your company or organisation, different crisis scenarios can have varying consequences.
Find out more about FACT24’s main areas of application here.

Learn how our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is used in different industries.

F24 supports more than 3,000 companies from all sectors in safeguarding lives and values.

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We Are Here for You.

Do you have any questions on FACT24? Then simply fill out the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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