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Get double the benefit with proactive crisis management:
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Provide the best possible protection for your employees and generate an organisation-wide feeling of security

While work situations are becoming increasingly more mobile and employees are often working on a mobile basis worldwide, the demands on providing employee security are growing as well. This is because a company’s statutory welfare obligations apply regardless of where their employees are working. Natural disasters, accidents, political unrest, terrorist attacks or health risks can threaten employee safety in many different places and guises. The type of welfare measures that an employer has in place is increasingly becoming a relevant factor for many people when choosing an employer.

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As a proactive incident and crisis management tool, FACT24 supports companies during all the phases of a crisis right from prevention to emergency notification and evaluation. Whatever scenario may occur, our web-based, fail-safe solution provides security managers with all key information and features they need in a single tool.

Always there for your employees: international crisis monitoring, central emergency number, smart emergency notification

Imagine one of your employees is in an emergency situation. No matter where that employee is in the world, contacting colleagues on duty at the security centre can be done quickly at any time of the day or night via an international emergency number linked to an emergency notification feature. They can then quickly provide almost any kind of support from medical assistance to communication with local embassies. Professional preparation also applies to employee security because you can react much faster. That’s why FACT24 has a particular emphasis on individually customised risk and crisis monitoring as well as smart emergency notification services. A large number of interfaces enable information previously recorded elsewhere in HR software, travel planning and many other sources to be incorporated into a bespoke risk monitoring and crisis management system.

The integrated A3M Global Monitoring early warning service also provides security managers and employees with reliable information about potential dangers and global trouble spots and enables targeted alerting based on various factors such as booking or GPS data. FACT24 offers a wide range of smart emergency notification services for rapid, location-based notification of even very large groups, tracking status reports in a structured manner, coordinating tasks digitally and transparently worldwide and documenting all measures taken in accordance with auditing requirements. This has all been combined into one tool to make ensuring the safety of employees as easy as possible. This not only makes it easier for companies to comply with the legal requirements regarding their duty of care, but also gives their employees the great feeling that they are never alone in an emergency.

“In an emergency, every second counts. If companies find out about potential risks more quickly, they can warn their employees earlier and initiate countermeasures.”

Martin Stamm, Sales Director at A3M

International crisis monitoring, efficient alerting and seamless crisis management: FACT24 and A3M Global Monitoring make this possible.

Keeping an eye on all risks worldwide with the add-on module A3M Global Monitoring

Today, almost every company works internationally. Due to the legal duty of care, you are faced with the challenge of ensuring the safety of your employees whilst they are abroad.

Read free of charge how the add-on module A3M Global Monotoring supports you in this.

Using FACT24 you can:

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Receive verified information on global risks – individually customised and adapted to your employees’ mobility data.

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Digitise your business continuity plans and create automated, location-based emergency notifications.

Icon F24 Krisenmanagement


Work on crisis prevention, risk monitoring, emergency notification, incident management and proactive crisis management within a single system.

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Keep an Eye
on Everything

Work on several incidents simultaneously, long-term, independent of location and world-wide.

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Use Smart
Emergency Notification

Use smart emergency notification services, inform employees via push message or SMS, for example, and receive status messages from your employees via the acknowledgement feature.

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Cooperate in a
Coordinated Manner

Use proactive digital task management with predefined checklists.

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Holistic crisis management with FACT24 CIM – see the possibilities and client experiences.

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