COVID-19: Preparing for the next wave

Martin Petts, F24 Sales-representative in the Asia Pacific & Australasia region, gives tips on how to deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in a seven-part video-series.

Introduction to the COVID-19 Series

Martin Petts offers an introduction and overview of the new video series COVID-19 ‘Preparing for the next wave’ and what you can expect from future videos.

The Exit Strategy:
Part 1 – The New Normal

In this video Martin Petts talks about the initially difficult new situation in the Corona crisis and about what strategy a company should look to adopt. Martin will also look at which staff members should be brought back to the office first.

The Exit Strategy:
Part 2 – Management and Communication Tools

Martin Petts talks about the right tools for business continuity planning and how to best communicate with both your own employees and key stakeholders during rapid and volatile change.

Three Threats you may NOT have thought of!

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the crisis to hack into companies’ networks. Find out how to train staff with the right knowledge and what new tools can be used to ensure the security of your company even in times of crisis.

Company Transformation for the New Normal

It must be expected that COVID-19 will remain a part of our everyday life for a long time to come. In addition to adaptations such as the home office, more far-reaching transformations are also required. Martin Petts discusses how to establish your organisation in the new normal and how to emerge from the crisis stronger with targeted updates.

Handling COVID-19 within your Company

The history of past pandemics shows that the second wave is often stronger than the first. Find out about possible future challenges and how you can overcome them in your own company.

Health and Well-Being of Employees

Martin Petts presents his last video in the F24 video series ‘COVID-19: Preparing for the next wave’. How can you make sure that your own staff are coping and that you are sufficiently accompanied through the crisis?

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