Employee safety when travelling: providing qualified and efficient information

Interview with Marcel Brandt, General Manager at A3M

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Until the Corona pandemic, travel was part of everyday business life – and in all probability it will be back on the agenda in some cases after the Corona crisis.

According to the 2020 BCI Emergency Communications Report, half of the organisations surveyed employ staff who travel to high-risk countries. Although European companies have a statutory duty of care for staff when travelling, the results of the study also show that less than half of the employers comply with this requirement. How can companies keep track of all potential dangers worldwide and ensure the best possible safety for their employees?

F24 offers its clients a solution through product integration with monitoring service provider A3M. FACT24 clients can add international crisis monitoring to their FACT24 integrated solution for crisis and incident management and emergency notification. The concrete added value this offers and why crisis monitoring should be part of the standard repertoire of every company today is clear from our following discussions with Marcel Brandt, General Manager at A3M.

Mr Brandt, A3M offers “international crisis monitoring”. What exactly does this mean?

Marcel Brandt: „Today, the majority of companies operate internationally. Every day, countless events occur worldwide, from extreme weather conditions and strikes through to terrorist attacks. This raises the question: How can companies know at any given time, the locations and nature of events that could affect the safety of their employees? This is simply impossible without technological assistance.

This is exactly where our service comes in: Our team of around 15 editors scans and verifies information sources worldwide, from news agencies and official authorities to social media channels. In this way, a reliable and qualified information base is available to companies 24/7. The events are individually categorised for the companies so that they can take action based on this information.“

What is the added value that the cooperation between F24 and A3M offers companies?

Marcel Brandt: „Companies today ideally have an eye on possible security risks for their employees. This also includes monitoring external events. And in an emergency, every second counts. If companies learn of potential risks more quickly, they can warn their employees earlier and initiate countermeasures. This also makes it easier to comply with the duty of care companies have towards their own employees.

The combination of A3M monitoring and efficient alerting via FACT24 ensures that crises are detected more quickly and can be responded to immediately. This product integration significantly increases the speed of response still further.“

How does the aforementioned integration actually work in practice when an emergency situation arises?

Marcel Brandt: „The integration of the two systems enables FACT24 clients to incorporate A3M’s international crisis monitoring directly into the alerting process. If there is an event in a defined region that is classified as security relevant by the company, the alert can be activated automatically without the need for anyone to read the monitoring message or activate the alert manually.

Of course, clients can decide for themselves how the alerting procedure is designed; for example, whether all the employees or only the representatives of the crisis team should be directly alerted. A3M Global Monitoring docks directly onto FACT24 in crisis management (see illustration).”

Cooperation of A3M and FACT24: International early warning system of A3M combined with the Alerting, Crisis Management and Documentation of the FACT24 solution.

In this way, a reliable and qualified information base is available to companies 24/7.

Marcel Brandt, General Manager at A3M

Where do we go from here? What else can A3M and F24 clients expect in the future?

Marcel Brandt: „We always aim to make things as easy as possible for our clients. In this case, we have reached an important milestone in that international crisis monitoring is fully integrated into the FACT24 system and clients only need one application to handle everything. And further steps can be envisaged. A3M also offers travel assistance services in the fields of medicine and security for F24 clients.

After all, employees are the most important asset of a company and employers can position themselves better by being even more committed to the welfare of their employees – even beyond their duty of care.“  

Thank you very much for the talk!

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