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Manage Communications and Critical Situations

Professional crisis management is multifaceted: Being able to react quickly and adequately at all times during the course of a crisis, manage and monitor tasks successfully, as well as communicate professionally.

This requires, amongst other things, fast, efficient communication that provides each target group with the correct current information at the right time via the appropriate channels. On this page, explore how to master crisis situations and communication.

The role of compliance in crisis management – why is it an important aspect to integrate?

This discussion about compliance in crisis situations highlights different examples of crisis that interfere with the important role of compliance and provides recommendations on how to integrate compliance policies into your crisis management.

Guest speaker: Dr. Sabine Schnabel, LL.M. (NYU), Founder and CEO of BSH advisors

How Digital Task Management Allows You to Bring Your Plans to Life

Marianne Brokjøb & Geir Helge Johnsen

How to handle person of concern management and build a robust crisis response

Uncertainty, pressing questions, emotions – when dealing with affected persons and relatives, empathy, seamless communication and reliable information are what is needed. If a company is in any way responsible for where this incident has occurred, then every single second counts when it comes to crisis management. Find out more about the three pillars of persons-of-concern management, speed, reliable information and empathetic skilled communications, and how to successfully realise them in this article.

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Oman Telecommunications Company​ on the FACT24 Experience Week 2020

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How to Prepare Business Continuity Plan Checklists

Whether you want to call them business continuity plan checklists, contingency plan aide memoirs or crisis management action plans, they all mean the same in practice and are a fundamental element of the organisation of any crisis management system. This article explains the key considerations for creating or revising said checklists.

Make your communication infrastructure crisis-proof

Time is short, the situation is confusing, information flow is sporadic. Crisis situations are extremely challenging and put both people and equipment to the test. That is why the response to a crisis always reveals any existing weaknesses. Communication is often the potential weak spot. Learn more about the essential requirements for crisis communications and how you can meet them in this whitepaper.

Digital task management – how to bring your plans to life?

Gain new insights on the benefits of digital task management, as a part of crisis management, and learn moreover about the most important aspects and requirements in practical terms.

Kristian Pettersen from F24 Nordics AS

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Strengthen Your Preparedness

Since the COVID pandemic began, every company has learned that preparedness is essential for dealing with crisis situations. How can you strengthen the preparedness of your company in the best way?

Mobilize and Keep Your People Save

Your people are your core value. You want to keep them safe and mobilise the right people right when you need them. How can you be sure you will be alerting all your employees efficiently?

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