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Strengthen Your Preparedness

Customers, public authorities and supervisory bodies today expect companies to react quickly to unexpected crises and keep business interruptions to a minimum. After all, on top of every interruption that threatens financial and material assets, in the worst-case scenario they can even take lives.

Therefore, it is a company’s responsibility to be prepared and, on this page, you can explore how to prepare to successfully manage any type of crisis. Let’s jump right in!

“Train hard, fight easy” – but why is it important to train and exercise?

In this episode, we cover the importance of training and get some deeper insights into challenges large companies face, as well as potential training programs and tips.

Guest speaker, Marianne Brokjøb

How Prepared Is Your Organisation? Test Your Preparedness Level Now

This short test is made to help you identify how well prepared you are for incidents and crisis situations.

Receive your personal crisis preparedness result in just 3 minutes!

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Best online event.

Schwarz Gruppe on the FACT24 Experience Week 2020

Right now, you are on one area page of the  F24 Experience Season 2021 which offers a range of contents and sessions in three distinct but interconnected areas about Emergency Notification, Crisis Management and Business Continuity. During this event, YOU decide which areas matter most to you. Simply choose your area of interest, register for free and secure your access to all sessions.

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Preparedness in Practice

FACT24 Case Study women worldcup

“We need to be ready for even the most improbable scenario. That’s why we work intensively to identify the black swans i.e. cases that nobody would think of.” – Alpiq

If important IT control systems or data and voice transmissions from an Alpiq power station fail, a chain reaction with serious consequences can ensue. Other critical infrastructure elements such as hospitals, transport systems or sewage systems may no longer function properly, endangering public safety for the Swiss population – find out how Alpiq deals with this great responsibility.

How to prepare security for large events

Anything could happen during a big event like the Women’s Football World Cup with 52 matches in nine locations, hundreds of official sites, several hundred employees and several tens of thousands of spectators each time. Preparing for crisis scenarios is almost impossible – find out here how it was done.

FACT24 Case Study women worldcup

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Mobilize and Keep Your People Save

Your people are your core value. You want to keep them safe and mobilise the right people right when you need them. How can you be sure you will be alerting all your employees efficiently?

Manage Communications and Critical Situations

Crisis management has become one of the most used terms in recent years. How can you approach it successfully and professionally in your organisation?

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