Communicate and act efficiently during a crisis

How to make your communication infrastructure
crisis-proof. Tips for crisis management and crisis communication within your organisation

An incident occurs, an alarm is raised and the first conference call is convened. You have to react quickly, act in a unified and structured manner – teamwork is required!

Targeted communication and coordination of tasks within the company are crucial to successfully mastering emergencies and crises. The use of digital solutions offers great potential here, especially in crises themselves.

Virtual collaboration is the new standard and thus it will become even more important in the future to manage communication within the team in a targeted manner. Therefore, it is all the more important that every company prepares for this and consciously deals with communication.

Virtual crisis rooms are a standard for effective communication

New communication infrastructures need to be created to enable exchange within a team in the digital age. The range of software solutions in the business environment is immense and due to the Corona pandemic, collaboration tools for day-to-day business are very popular to create digital spaces. In 2020, they were also used in crisis situations to coordinate the crisis team (see graphic on the left).

However, of particular interest to crisis managers and security officers is the role of virtual crisis rooms, which play a significant role and are among the top 3 collaboration channels in crisis situations, offering added value that usual collaboration software cannot fulfil.

Users of specialised apps for crisis communication are most satisfied

One of the reasons for a certain choice of communication tools is the growing understanding of companies and organisations for safe and secure communication in a crisis. For example, recent findings from the BCI Emergency Communications Report 2021 show that companies’ use of free messaging apps such as WhatsApp has dropped significantly; rather, they are switching to enterprise tools.

However, those who end up opting for a dedicated communications solution are the most satisfied. Aspects such as alerting, feedback and documentation options, crisis management, teamwork and data security are increasingly in demand.

7 Tips and Guidelines for Corporate Procedures for Successful Communication during Crisis Situations

In order to be able to exchange information virtually in emergency and crisis situations, the right communication tool is needed above all. How do you make the right choice these days? Is a professional communication tool crucial in a crisis? Certain criteria such as accessibility, security and reliability are essential for communication tools.

Read for free what the 7 most important differences are between a tool for professional crisis management and a collaboration tool for day-to-day business.

Dr. Klaus Schäfer, Managing Director F24 IT-Services GmbH

“IT equipment for emergency notification and crisis management: How to save time, budget and nerves.”

Dr. Klaus Schäfer, VP Technology – F24 Group

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