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Prevention, acute care and aftercare with FACT24 crisis management.

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Nothing is more important than protecting health. Proactive incident and crisis management for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Whether it’s a major disaster like mass casualty incidents (MCI), building evacuations, other hazards or severe damage situations like fires, technical faults or IT failures, these incidents can have far-reaching consequences in both hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Hospitals must guarantee fast, efficient, high-quality care for their patients even when there is a disaster like an epidemic or even a pandemic. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the safety of their employees, the environment, local residents and their customers. In both areas, the maintenance of all processes is an absolute necessity for a properly functioning healthcare system. That’s why the demand for professional crisis and incident management in these areas is extremely high.

With FACT24, we support those responsible throughout all phases of a crisis: from crisis prevention and digital emergency planning, risk monitoring and automated alerting of medical personnel and staff, through to crisis handling with digital task management and a return to regular operations. To ensure that sensitive data also has the necessary high level of protection, FACT24 is of course fully GDPR compliant.

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“With FACT24 we are now up to date with regard to alerting and crisis management. We are proud to have such an innovative solution in use.”

Danilo Segreto, Head of Operations Management & ICT, Deputy Manager, Carelink

FACT24 is utilised by:

> 140 companies
in the health & pharmaceutical sectors

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Proactive crisis management with FACT24 means you can:

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Digitise your Business Continuity Management (BCM) processes, monitor critical issues and vulnerabilities and set up automated alerts.

Icon F24 Unfall


Activate alarms at the push of a button with complete flexibility according to your specific requirements in terms of logic, follow-up alarms or feedback types.

Icon F24 Globe

Keep an Eye
on Everything

Work on several incidents simultaneously, long-term and independent of location.

Icon F24 Group

Cooperate in a
Coordinated Manner

Use smart emergency notification services and proactive digital task management with pre-defined checklists.

Icon F24 Telefonkonferenz


Communicate with confidence – using templates for situation reports and communication with media, customers, suppliers and relatives.

Icon F24 Aufgaben

Document in Accordance
with Audit Requirements

All events are documented in real time – for your own evaluation or for submission to authorities.

FACT24 Applications


Alert and mobilise with FACT24 ENS: What is possible and what do clients say?

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Holistic crisis management with FACT24 CIM – see the possibilities and client experiences.

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We Are Here for You.

Do you have any questions on FACT24? Then simply fill out the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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