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Alert and Mobilise

From crisis management to mass alerting – safe efficient alerting and mobilising of teams

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Time-Saving Calculator: Calculate how much time you save

During a crisis, every second counts. But how long does it take you to alert all of your employees in an emergency?

Find out how much time you can save with a software-based, automated alerting system and which advantages a digital alerting solution from F24 offers you.

With software-based automated alerting, your alerting time is reduced by 1% :

Manual Alerting Time: 1 h 45 min
Automated Alerting Time: 13 min
Not just Time-Saving: Additional Benefits of Automatic Alerting
  • Automatic overview through real-time feedback functionalities
  • Targeted alerting processes
  • Guaranteed availability and data security
  • Error minimisation and avoidance of information loss
  • Automatic documentation

Alerting with feedback – fast, safe and targeted

Communication is extremely important and can be decisive during critical situations when you must alert and mobilise crisis teams. Teams and specialists need to be alerted, large target groups must be contacted by mass alerting and numerous people on the move may have to be warned of dangers. In some cases, this all must be done simultaneously! It isn’t just that information and messages have to be sent out quickly, safely, and comprehensibly, the emergency and crisis managers also need clear reliable feedback. It is only when they receive effective feedback that they can properly evaluate what is going on and safely control the situation. 

This headache-free security is a core standard of FACT24. We have equipped our crisis management and alerting solution with extensive features and capacities to efficiently notify a wide range of recipients and mobilise them faster than you might have imagined possible. The decisive factor is the acknowledgement and feedback feature that enables the crisis management team to maintain a constant overview of the status of any alert.

F24 Whitepaper: Alerting and crisis communication - front view

Whitepaper Alerting and Crisis Communication

Read in our whitepaper how crisis situations can be prepared for and defused if you act and make decisions promptly, appropriately and actively.

FACT24 Preparation Digital Connected Worldwide

FACT24 can also easily map requirements for extremely complex alerting logistics, processes or follow-up alerts. This is unsurprising since our alerting services have been tried and tested for over 20 years in a wide range of organisations, sectors, and crisis scenarios.  The services have also been further developed in line with growing and changing requirements. Crisis communication remains fast, secure, and targeted, even within complex organisation structures no matter how hectic an emergency might get.

Organisations can create a variety of different recipient lists in FACT 24, keep contact data automatically up-to-date, pre-formulate text modules and automate alerting. FACT24’s high-performance servers can easily handle mass alerts involving thousands of recipients in seconds. Automated telephone conferences at the touch of a button enable crisis management teams to coordinate quickly and securely. Dedicated apps support rapid alerting at any location and the secure exchange of confidential information.

3 Questions on Alerting

Eske Ofner, Head of Sales of F24 AG, explains the difference between manual and automated alerting.

Eske Ofner, Head of Sales of F24 AG, about the difference between location-based vs qualification-based alerting.

Eske Ofner, Head of Sales of F24 AG, about the minimum requirements for a reliable alerting system.

Alert and Mobilise Crisis Teams with one Integrated Solution

Icon F24 Location


Alerting based on location and qualifications.

Icon F24 Telefonkonferenz


Set up ad-hoc telephone conferences – without dial-in data and at the touch of a button.  

Icon F24 Aufgaben


Map specific communication functions such as shift schedules and contact substitution rules.

Icon F24 Einfache und sichere Kommunikation

Safe and Easy

Use our secure Apps: F24 Alert! for activation, modification and monitoring of alarms and TrustCase for alerting via push notification.

Icon F24 Weltkugel


Automate alarm activation by connecting sensors, interfaces and external triggers.

Icon F24 Alarmierung


Feedback is automated and evaluated in real time – regardless of whether it concerns general availability or travel time to the location.

Tips and tricks on setting up successful employee alerting

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and Plan

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Icon F24 Krisenmanagement

Manage Incidents
and Crises

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Persons of Concern

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Alert and mobilise with FACT24 ENS: What is possible and what do clients say?

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Holistic crisis management with FACT24 CIM – see the possibilities and client experiences.

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