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Dealing with groups of Persons of Concern

Systematic, professional, sensitive: caring for groups of Persons of Concern 

Quick support and targeted information    

In a crisis, the primary concern is for people and that means, above all, those who have been affected, endangered or burdened in some way by the situation. At F24 we call them Persons of Concern. These include directly affected groups of people such as employees or customers, but also those indirectly involved such as relatives or emergency contacts.

Particularly in the early stages of a crisis, there are often pressing questions: Which persons are affected?  Where are they now? How are they doing? Do they include people with special medical requirements, e.g. diabetics or asthmatics? Who do we need to notify? Who can we contact for further information if necessary? Rapid and targeted communication with all relevant groups of people is essential not only for operational support in the acute situation, but also for the emotional management of a crisis. 

Case Study:
East Sussex Resilience & Emergencies Partnership Team

Read our case study to find out how East Sussex Relience & Emergencies Partnership Teams, as a local authority, is benefiting from the F24 solution.

Identify, locate and maintain a connection

In FACT24, crisis management teams have a wide range of tools at their disposal to support optimal care of affected groups of people. For the systematic identification and rapid localisation of Persons of Concern, personnel databases, passenger lists, booking systems or POB tracking systems can be seamlessly integrated into FACT24.

Professional contact management functions such as call lists, call monitoring or prepared text modules support professional communications and ensure consistent messages. All calls are logged and recorded in a structured manner so that important information can flow directly into further crisis management. In addition, relatives and stakeholders can be provided with up-to-date information via high-performance hotlines. 

With FACT24, for effective Persons of Concern management you can

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Use data intelligently 

Integrate databases or lists for various tasks such as systematically identifying and quickly locating Persons of Concern

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Communicate professionally

Generate call lists and coordinated response texts, set up information hotlines and manage communications with affected persons and relatives

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Work together in a coordinated way

Log feedback reliably and let the received information flow directly into further crisis management

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Keep an eye on everything

All conversations are precisely and clearly documented and team members are always up to date with the latest information thanks to real-time information 

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Be able to act at any given time

We contractually guarantee an availability of at least 99.5%.  

Document in accordance with auditing requirements 

All events are documented in real time – for your own evaluation or for submission to authorities

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Manage Incidents
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