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The ultimate success formula for crisis management: proactive response and professional control

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Every aspect of FACT24 is transparent, digital, and delivered in real time.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger gave us the perfect motto at F24 when he said, “An issue ignored is a crisis invited.” The aim of incident management is to identify potential crises at an early stage to prevent more serious problems by proactive intervention. For us, incident management comprises of structured, well-organised crisis prevention, digitalised BCM plans, targeted monitoring of current developments and rapid intervention at the very first signs of irregularities or deviations from normal operations.

That’s why we have combined all the key functions necessary into a single system and under a single user interface in our integrated FACT24 Crisis Management System.  It will take you from crisis prevention, incident management, emergency notifications and task management right through to the resumption of normal operations. With FACT24 you get a faster overview, easier collaboration and 24/7 access to all relevant information at any location and from any device.

Tablet Article Five Tipps for Crisis Management

5 Tips for Successful Crisis Management

In this article you can read which five main factors are important for successful crisis management and the advantages of handling with software like FACT24.

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Overview and transparency create trust.

FACT24 has pre-defined checklists called Action Cards for a wide range of scenarios so that all relevant players always know what needs to be done next. Tasks can easily be delegated, and their progress monitored in real time. The planning and documenting of status meetings as well as defining the focus for the crisis management team is not only possible but easy to set up in FACT24 and is transparent for all participants.

This removes a major cause of misunderstandings at the source and if someone joins the crisis team later? No problem! All the information and interim reports are stored in the system; the entire history can be read through at any time. Pre-defined templates can be used to create situation reports along with updates for management and other relevant stakeholders. Everything is accessible from any location via a single user interface. Incident and crisis management with FACT24 always gives you an overview and keeps your head clear for crucial tasks.

Incident and Crisis Management with FACT24:

Icon F24 Weltkugel

Keep an Eye
on Everything

Work on several incidents simultaneously, long-term, and independent of location.

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Prepare checklists, known as Action Cards, for different scenarios depending on their severity and criticality. No matter how hectic it gets you never lose touch.

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Coordinated as
a Team

Use smart emergency notification services, digital task management and secure communication rooms for coordination.

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Communicate with confidence using templates for situation reports and communication with customers, media, and the public.

Icon F24 Krisenmanagement

All in one
Digital Platform

Dovetail crisis prevention, risk monitoring, emergency notification, incident management and proactive crisis management clearly into one system.

Icon F24 Revisionssichere Dokumentation

All events are documented automatically in real time for your own evaluation or for submission to authorities.

How you keep an overview during a Crisis:

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and Plan

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and Mobilise

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Persons of Concern

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Holistic crisis management with FACT24 CIM – see the possibilities and client experiences.

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