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Prepare and Plan

That great feeling of being ready for anything:
crisis prevention, emergency planning, digital and structured training.

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Always Be Prepared for The Unexpected

With FACT24, we support crisis managers during all phases of a crisis, and this begins with crisis prevention and emergency planning. We know from experience that preparation is crucial to the successful management of a crisis. A key advantage of FACT24 is its ability to digitise business continuity plans and edit existing crisis prevention plans. While applying measures in a structured manner by being available to all relevant groups of people anytime and anywhere. In this way, abstract BCM plans will be transformed into a living reality.

Disruptions, emergencies, and crises are always unwelcome in any organisation. If a company is unprepared when they occur, they damage not only its business but also its reputation. Customers, public authorities and supervisory bodies today expect companies to react quickly to the unexpected and keep business interruptions to a minimum. After all, on top of every interruption threatening financial and material assets, in the worst case scenario they can even take lives.

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IT Security as Crisis Prevention

Find out what matters in the event of an IT attack and why people are as important for IT security as the technology itself.

FACT24 Preparation Helmets Planning

Employees and emergency services can be contacted quickly and securely, and all the relevant documents are easily accessible in the event of an emergency – even if a malfunction affects the company’s own IT systems, because FACT24 is a SaaS solution that is guaranteed to be available during any crisis.

Digital task management facilitates coordinated collaboration and the structured handling of tasks using facilities such as Action Cards. These are prepared checklists that are customised to the type and criticality of any potential incident. Documentation and contact data are also stored centrally and digitally and are always up-to-date thanks to the reminder functions or via interface connections.

Since “practice makes perfect” also applies in crisis management, the training mode allows important procedures to be internalised during detailed simulations and exercise scenarios.

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Everything Digital and In One Place

Digitise and structure BCM plans and crisis prevention measures. 

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Well Thought-Out Task Management

Bring business continuity plans to life with Action Cards.

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Contact Details

Keep contact data up-to-date with reminder functions and interface connections.

FACT24 All in One 360 degrees


You can rely on FACT24 at all times. As a SaaS
solution it is guaranteed to have at least 99.5% availability.

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Practice, Practice,

Use the exercise mode with full functionality as often as you like.

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Access from

No matter when a crisis occurs, FACT24 enables you to control the situation from anywhere.

Action Cards are checklists that contain predefined tasks and help experts to consider all necessary aspects in the event of an emergency. They can vary depending on the type and criticality of an incident.

FACT24 CIM Action Cards Taskmanagement

Find out more about other FACT24 fields of application.

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and Mobilise

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Manage Incidents
and Crises

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Persons of Concern

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Alert and mobilise with FACT24 ENS: What is possible and what do clients say?

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Holistic crisis management with FACT24 CIM – see the possibilities and client experiences.

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